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“That was fucking rude”

Jul 13, 2020 | Conferences, sexism

A few years ago, I (a woman of color dev) was at the GDC speaker party with a (female) friend who worked at [AAA studio]. While we were talking on the floor, we were approached by a guy who very visibly looked us up and down, saw where my friend worked, and then proceeded to have a conversation with her on the basis of her workplace. He was then joined by another guy. The second guy started talking to my friend, but then got into a conversation with the first guy. My friend tried to include me in the conversation by introducing me but they weren’t interested and ignored us both. Then a third guy came over, joined the other dude conversation and didn’t even look at us.

So picture this: Basically, my friend and I were literally penned in by a triangle of dudebros yelling over us in their conversation. We were still in the spot on the floor so these three men came in, took our space, and made us feel uncomfortable enough to leave, where we had to either push past them or wait until they moved aside (which they didn’t). I did say, “that was fucking rude” to them as I was leaving, but wish I could remember their names and where they worked so I knew who and where to avoid in the future.


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