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Jun 18, 2020 | CONTENT WARNING, Don't do this

Content warning: homophobia

I worked at a large company in a lab where we had a lab manager –let’s call him R– who was in charge of lab security. He would walk around and make sure people didn’t eat, use their phones, etc. in the lab, and then publicly shame people who did. He also made sure that people would lock their stations when they weren’t at them.

R had this habit of changing the desktop wallpaper of people who left their machines unlocked. Usually it’d be suggestive pictures of half naked men, or something like that (most of the lab was guys). Then he would lock their workstations, wait until they came back, and then wait until they unlocked their workstations again, and then accuse them of downloading pornographic pictures (because of the suggestive desktop wallpaper). R would suggest that they were gay for having that wallpaper (not that there’s anything wrong with being gay). He would make them feel ashamed for something they hadn’t done, and put them in this awkward position as “just a prank” to enforce his lab policies.

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