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Nice things

Sometimes working in game development is stressful and I wonder why I do it. That said, I have a folder in my email called "Nice Things" where I put screencaps of messages or emails when people give me positive feedback or encouragement. I like to look at it sometimes...

That’s a shitty meeting

My studio is about 15 people and we all worked pretty well together. One of the employees brought his cat into the office one day. It was obviously not trained to be in a space with 10+ people and freaked out. We cornered it in one of our few meeting rooms but we had...

Tinder Bro

I once worked with a guy who literally would be on his phone looking at Tinder in our standup meetings. He was super obvious about it as well. That's the whole story.

100% User Error

Logged a bug on a system-level issue. Another tester on a different team also commented on the bug and said he saw it in his part of the game as well. A third tester did the same. The bug went to an engineer who returned it to me with (literally word for word) this...

When you leak your own game

I worked on a small game jam. We had a ton of bugs in our game and we were still fixing them when someone on the team shared a link to the game because he "felt like he wanted people to see it". Of course people followed the link, tried to play, it and it broke....

Crunch Pressure

I worked on a big title AAA game as a tester and was asked to crunch to close out the game. I didn't want to, but felt pressured to come in on the weekends because we had multiplayer mode in our game and I was told that if I didn't come in, we "wouldn't have enough"...

My CEO hired his friend

We had a dev who got a job at the studio straight up because of nepotism. He had worked previously with the CEO at another place and applied for a role for which he was totally unqualified. His interview was just for show. He was offered the role BEFORE the hiring...

Gendered Party Foul

I'm a female game developer at a large AAA company. When I go to company events, I am ALWAYS asked by at least one person if I am there as someone's girlfriend or partner. This happened at a launch party for a game I worked on, by someone who turned out to be a...

my first internship project was thrown away afterwards

so i was really eager when i got into the industry. i asked my customer what they wanted, then made it... i didn't bother checking in with them in the meantime.  turns out, they thought we were a management plant to take their jobs, so once our internship ended, they...

First post… where we ask you for all the salt.

Hi everyone! Making games is tough -- but we get stories from it. Funny stories. Sad stories. Crazy stories. Bizarre stories. We want them all! Tell us! GIVE US YOUR SALT... the world wants to know.

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