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Worse than Con Crud

Jun 4, 2020 | Conferences, noob mistakes

I was really excited the first time I showed my game at a large convention. It had a huge attendance so I was looking forward to getting lots of eyes on my work. At the convention there was a breakout area with beanbags that you could hang out in. On the first day I went there to chill while I was on a break, I was there for about an hour just hanging out and talking to people. The next day was the weekend and the busiest day. I worked the full day but my eyes were really itchy. I thought it was allergies but then at the end of the day one of my teammates sent me home and told me to see a doctor. I could barely open my eyes. I had pinkeye and I am sure that I got it at the beanbags. My team told me not to come back for the rest of the weekend because it was contagious. My first con experience was ruined by the con itself.

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