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Zit juice

Jul 6, 2020 | CONTENT WARNING, Don't do this, office space

Content warning: bodily fluids, bodily functions

When I worked in a test lab, we sat in groups of 6 where there were 3 seats with their backs to another 3 seats. There was a guy that sat behind me at work. He had really bad skin, like lots of acne.

One time I was sitting at my desk and he was sitting at his desk behind me, working. After a while, I felt something wet on my back. Then, I felt it again on my arm. I turned around, and saw that he was at his desk, headphones on, but he was squeezing some sort of boil/pimple thing on the back of his neck. What was landing on he was the pus stuff that had squirted out of his skin. I didn’t know what to do, whether to tell our manager or what, it was such a surreal thing to happen at work. That said, I knew that it was so disgusting that I almost threw up at my desk.


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